Survey: What Do Faculty Really Want to Know?
May 2008

The following survey has been created in partial fulfillment of the University of West Georgia Distance Learner Certification Trainer Program in which I am currently enrolled. I have been asked to canvass the Thomas faculty for the purpose of discovering just what faculty members really want to learn, how they want to learn "it", and when faculty consider the most convenient and effective timing for formal (or informal) training opportunities. Because your responses are presumably specific to your Thomas teaching responsibilities, it is also possible that I will incorporate your suggestions into my planning for upcoming workshops and training - this survey may serve "double duty"!

In the interest of maintaining anonymity and confidentiality, please do not tell me who you are. You may certainly drop me an email or stop by my office if you'd like to talk more about this project or if you would like to offer more suggestions than this short survey demands. Please don't hesitate to contact me via email,, or office phone, 207.859.1256.

Your anonymous response will be sent directly to my personal email address, and will be shared only as a part of the aggregate report.

Thanks so much for your time and honesty!


About which of the following topics are you interested in learning?

Check all that apply (or sound interesting).

 Word 2007
 Excel 2007
Office Live Meeting
Course Management System
Information Literacy
Instructional Technology (general)
Web Authoring Software
Windows MovieMaker
Digital Video
Document Camera (Elmo)
Creating pdfs
Audio Visual Equipment
"Sound" in the classroom
Materials Conversion
Library Resources
E-Portfolio Production
Online Teaching Methodology

What do you imagine is the perfect learning experience for you, specific to the topics you identified above?

Check all that apply.

"Coffee Klatch" format
Facilitated discussion group by discipline
Facilitated mixed discussion group
Facilitated discussion group by division
One-on-one tutoring session(s)
Classroom instruction
Computer classroom instruction
Guest lecturer/speaker
Online course
Online sychronous
Online asynchronous
"White papers" (online handouts)
Informal - drop-in availability
"Lurking" in another's course
Peer mentoring

When is the best time of day for you to attend a "learning opportunity"?

Please rate the following options. 1 = most preferred; 6 = least preferred

early morning
late afternoon

What time of year is best for you?

Please rate the following options. 1 = most preferred; 5 = least preferred

immediately before a semester/term begins
throughout the semester/term, as needed
during school breaks
as a part of new faculty orientation
as a part of "opening day" activities

Is there anything else you'd like to tell me?

Thanks so much!

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