Colleen’s Final Project e-Portfolio
Distance Education Certified Trainer Program
University of West Georgia
June 2008


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Author Note: I've put this project into the form of an e-Portfolio for several reasonings: 1) considered professional development, it seems appropriate that I produce some "evidence" of having participated in the course, 2) as an e-Portfolio trainer and advocate on our campus, I wanted the practice of creating formal electronic documentation of my work, and finally 3) I conduct many workshops and personal training sessions throughout the course of the school year using the premises defined in my Curriculum and Electronic Resources Faculty Workshop Series -- if this format "works", it may be that I adopt it for future workshop "storage". cjb

Module 1: Introduction & Technology Basics

Module 2: Distance Education Technologies & Technology Showcase

Module 3: Teaching and Training Adult Learners

Module 4:  Understanding and Reaching Faculty in Higher Education

Module 5: Best Practices in Training Programs

Module 6: Creative Action approaches to Overcoming Barriers to Training

Module 7:  Evaluation of Training Programs

Module 8: Final Project:

Curriculum and Electronic Resources Faculty Workshop Series: Making Yourself Presentable

This workshop activity is designed to encourage discussion relevant to the use of novel media productions

in the online environment, while learning how to use the equipment and software necessary for their
creation. The attendees of this face-to-face workshop will produce a short video clip introducing
themselves to the online classroom audience. The ultimate quality and use of the clip will be addressed in
a future workshop. Attendees will work in groups of two or three, at computer workstations equipped
with the appropriate software and devices, and will take place in a computer classroom. This will be
considered a “hands-on” workshop, as compared to a lecture format.

In anticipation of the workshop, attendees will be encouraged (but not required) to peruse the current professional literature that addresses the purpose of building a sense of community in the online classroom environment.  Click here for a sample bibliography compiled as a function of my own participation in the UWG DLCT program.  

Please click here to view a short video that demonstrates the product that the workshop attendee will create.  The video was made in the Windows VISTA environment, using the Dell application WebCam; no conversion was necessary to store it online.  Windows Media Player is required to play the video.  

Occassionally, it is necessary to edit a video clip. This can be done relatively easily (with a little practice) using the application Windows MovieMaker that travels with Window VISTA. (Other, similar applications are available on other platforms. This workshop will take place using the VISTA environment.)  Please click here to view a six minute video "handout" that was created with Windows MovieMaker about making an on-demand video with Windows MovieMaker. This particular video was made in response to a colleague's quest to create a video without a camera -- it is an example of a "quick and dirty How-To" (in other words, be kind :-))

Working with the premise that, generally, as natural actors, faculty require an audience in order to perform, all video production will occur in groups of at least two workshop members.  The group cohorts will assume the dual roles of student and audience member for each other, effectively creating a stage on which the other can perform. It is expected that all members of the group will "compassionately critique" the others, helping each to "make themselves presentable".  Cohort  feedback will serve the function of immediate assessment throughout the exercise.  The workshop attendees will be asked to assess their own learning using a workshop-specific questionnaire.  The questionnaire is a "paper and pencil" instrument designed solely for the purpose of guiding the attendees through a review of their own learning at the workshop. The act of having uploaded a video clip to the intranet will serve as evidence of having accomplished the objective of the workshop.

Workshop attendees will be asked to complete an anonymous online evaluation of their workshop experience.  Attendees will be encouraged to sign up for a second workshop before they leave, with the spoken purpose to practice the skills that they have learned, and to make the opportunity to hone a few new tricks for their online repertoire, for example, the inclusion of an electronic whiteboard to the "show".  In addition to being encouraged to sign up for future workshops, attendees will be asked to schedule an appointment (before leaving the workshop) with the information resource specialist for a one-on-one review session to take place within two weeks of the workshop. The review session will consist of "finding" the video clip (if its creator has lost it), and an opportunity for the faculty member to ask questions that may not have occurred to him/her at the time of the workshop. Sign-up sheets for both the second workshop and the one-on-one sessions will be available at the workshop.

Peer Review Section

Please offer  feedback about my e-Portfolio-style final project. Use the question/criterion specific rating system as it is offered.

Your responses will  be mailed to my personal email address.

Thanks! cjb

Title of module - Making Yourself Presentable -  it is catchy?                                                                               

Online readings - are they appropriate?                                                                                                              

Video - does the speaker have "presence?"                                                                                                                

Handouts - are they organized and relevant? 15 points                                                                        

Active learning exercise - appropriateness, usefulness. 10 points                                                       

Self-assessment tool - Is it helpful for the attendee? 10 points                                                                      

Evaluation tool - Is it informative and constructively critical? 10 points                                            

Follow-up activities - will they be effective? 10 points                                                                                          

Overall organization, attractiveness, and clarity - Could you find your way around the site? Was it easy to read? 10 points

Please feel free to offer any other comments that you think might be helpful!